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PD#: AG01426

Sequence#: VARIES

Replaces PD#:   



Organization Title:



Agency: VARIES

Installation: VARIES

Army Command: VARIES


Command Code: VARIES


Citation 1: OPM JGS MOTOR VEHICLE OPER, 5703, APR 91


Citation 3: OPM JGS FORKLIFT OPER, 5704, NOV 68

Supervisory Certification: I certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position and its organizational relationships, and that the position is necessary to carry out Government functions for which I am responsible. This certification is made with the knowledge that this information is to be used for statutory purposes relating to appointment and payment of public funds, and that false or misleading statements may constitute violations of such statutes or their implementing regulations.


Supervisor Name:  

Reviewed Date:

Classification Review: This position has been classified/graded as required by Title 5, U.S. Code in conformance with standard published by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management or if no published standards apply directly, consistently with the most applicable published standards.



Reviewed Date: 11/26/1985


Cyber Workforce:

  • Primary Work Role: VARIES
  • Additional Work Role 1: VARIES
  • Additional Work Role 2: VARIES


FLSA Worksheet:

FLSA Appeal: NO

Bus Code: VARIES


  • Mission Category: VARIES
  • Work Category: VARIES
  • Work Level: VARIES

Acquisition Position: NO

  • CAP:  
  • Career Category:  
  • Career Level:  

Functional Code:  

Interdisciplinary: NO

Supervisor Status: VARIES



Drug Test Required: VARIES  

Financial Management Certification:

Position Designation: VARIES

Position Sensitivity: VARIES

Security Access: VARIES

Emergency Essential:   

Requires Access to Firearms: VARIES

Personnel Reliability Position: VARIES

Information Assurance: VARIES

Influenza Vaccination: NO

Financial Disclosure: VARIES

Financial Disclosure: NO  

Enterprise Position: VARIES


Competitive Area: VARIES

Competitive Level: VARIES

Career Program: VARIES

Career Ladder PD: NO

Target Grade/FPL: 06

Career Pos 1:    

Career Pos 2:    

Career Pos 3:    

Career Pos 4:   

Career Pos 5:    

Career Pos 6:   


1. Operates motor vehicles capable of carrying loads of one ton to less than four tons to pick-up and deliver material. Vehicles may be cargo, van or stake trucks, and have up to five forward speeds. Loads or assists in loading the truck with material assembled in warehouse, assuring that load is properly balanced and secured and that items requiring special handling are adequately protected. Delivers material, unloads, and checks items against issue slips or other record. Performs operator maintenance before and after operation inspection of vehicle, and completes trip ticket. 10%

2. Performs the following warehousing and related duties:

a. Incumbent is authorized as a sole inspector to verify and sign for the APO Accountable Property Officer. The comptroller based solely on the incumbent’s receipt of material makes payment. When confronted with incomplete and/or missing information, ascertains correct information by initiating contract with the supplier and/or customer. Close attention to purchase agreements is required since a large number of items are ordered on a discount basis. Incumbent determines if material received is acceptable APO, determines if the commercial packing list is correct for payment. As authorized by the Accountable Property Officer acts as US Government representative and signs for receipt and acceptance of materials for US Government. Based on incumbent’s signature, receipt documents are prepared and forwarded to accounts payable section of the Comptroller authorizing payment of commercial billings. Receipt documents are also forwarded to Procurement Directorate to be used to close out contract files. Signature, verifying receipt and acceptance of materials, authorized comptroller to make payment to the supplier. Incumbent rejects any item not acceptable due to incorrect nomenclature, stock number, quantity in excess of quantity requested and condition other than new or serviceable. Based on rejection, documentation is forwarded to procurement to have supplier contacted to exchange or replace materials. As required, signs for monies received from the Finance Office to pay for COD orders received during the work period.

b. May be required to assist office personnel in processing of paperwork if there is a backlog and/or downtime for the employee.

3. In performing warehousing duties, and loading and unloading truck, operates a forklift truck capable of lifting loads up to 6,000 pounds or more and as high as 168 inches.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Skill and Knowledge:

1. To operate trucks, must load and arrange cargo, allow for clearance in maneuvering as well as turning, braking, etc. Must know regulations and laws governing on and off post vehicle operation.

2. a. Applies knowledge of established warehousing plan, policies, procedures, methods and techniques in performing assigned functions, i.e., receiving, unloading, processing incoming shipments, to include required detail checks, segregating for inspection and/or condition, and routing to proper destination: assembling items for shipment, turn-in, disposal according to information on documents and assuring that material is properly loaded; sorting material when required, according to type, condition, etc. Items run the gamut to common expandable supplies to highly technical specialized equipment for use in R&D programs.

b. Operates forklift in and out of buildings, on docks, in aisles, etc., lifting and maneuvering in sometimes confined area.

3. Must be able to read, write, and perform simple math problems in order to perform the various warehousing and/or clerical tasks involved with the position.


Supervisor or employee of higher grade makes oral or written assignments of functions to be performed, providing special instruction where appropriate, but normally relying on incumbent to carry out assignments independently, only where required by established policies or when unusual problems are encountered. Completed work is subject for check for compliance with accepted methods, techniques, and procedures.

Physical Effort:

Exerts generally light physical effort in operating vehicles and forklifts, but more strenuous work in manually handling items of up to 100 pounds. Duties require lifting, bending, stooping, etc., on hard surfaces and in uncomfortable positions. Personal assistance and/or lifting devices are available as needed for extremely heavy lifting.

Working Conditions:

Performs assignments indoors in both comfortable and uncomfortable areas, and outdoors in all but most extremely inclement weather. Work areas may be hot, dusty, drafty, inadequately lighted and ventilated, etc. Is subject to cuts, abrasions, injuries from equipment, or the possibility of serious injury resulting from accidents while driving and/or loading and unloading materials. Protective clothing and/or equipment may be required/provided.


A. OPM JGS for Material Handler Series, WG-6907-0, Dec 90
B. OPM JGS for Forklift Operator, WG-5704-0, Nov 68.
C. OPM JGS for Motor Vehicle Operator, WC-5703-0, April 91
D. ORM PCS for Supply Clerical and Technical Series, GS-2005-0 June 68

II. DETERMINATION OF SERIES: Subject job involves performance of duties classifiable by references A and C above, the most significant of which is paragraph 2, warehousing and related duties. The proper series for this work is Materials Handling, WG-6907. The work is titled “Materials Handler (Motor Vehicle Operator), WG-6907- to identify the paramount work of materials handling and the additional skill requirement of vehicle operation.

III. DETERMINATION OF GRADE: The major duties are evaluated as follows:

A. Paragraph 1: The duties are evaluated by reference C and considered a match with four criteria at the WG-6 level. WG-06 level includes operation of larger/more complex vehicles such as platform trucks, van trucks, stake trucks, dump trucks, ambulances or patient transport vehicles, passenger shuttle vans, and cargo vans with approximate GVW of more than 10,000 pounds and up to 26,000 pounds. Operates these types of vehicles on specific trip assignments or regularly established schedules over public roads at highway speeds.
B. Paragraph 2A: Warehousing duties are a match with the WG-6 level of reference A at which the employee has responsibility for one of the major functions of receiving, shipping, or bin and/or bulk warehousing.

C. Paragraph 2B: The duties of this paragraph are considered to be an extension of the responsibilities associated with Paragraph 2 and are given no further treatment, and equate to the WG-5 level of reference B.

D. Paragraph 2C: The duties of this paragraph are considered to be related to the duties of paragraph 2 and are not given any further except to say that they appear to equate to the GS-3 level.

Conclusion: WG-6, based on the highest level of work performed.

IV. JOB CLASSIFICATION: Materials Handler (MVO), WG-607-06 titled and coded per paragraph II and reference C.

V. FLSA DETERMINATION: Nonexempt, nonsupervisory FWS.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Determination


1. Availability Pay Exemption - (e.g., Criminal Investigators, U.S. Customs and Border Protection pilots who are also Law Enforcement Officers).


2. Foreign Exemption - (Note: Puerto Rico and certain other locations do not qualify for this exemption – See 5 CFR 551.104 for a list of Nonexempt areas.)


3. Executive Exemption:


a. Exercises appropriate management responsibility (primary duty) over a recognized organizational unit with a continuing function, AND


b. Customarily and regularly directs 2 or more employees, AND


c. Has the authority to make or recommend hiring, firing, or other status-change decisions, when such recommendations have particular weight.


4. Professional Exemption:


a. Professional work (primary duty)


b. Learned Professional, (See 5 CFR, 551.208 ) (Registered Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Physician’s Assistants, Medical Technologists, Teachers, Attorneys, Physicians, Dentists, Podiatrists, Optometrists, Engineers, Architects, and Accountants at the independent level as just some of the typical examples of exempt professionals). Or


c. Creative Professional, (See 5 CFR, 551.209 ) (The primary duty requires invention and originality in a recognized artistic field (music, writing, etc.) and does not typically include newspapers or other media or work subject to control by the organization are just some examples of Creative Professionals). Or


d. Computer Employee, (See 5 CFR, 551.210 ) ( must meet salary test and perform such duties as system analysis, program/system design, or program/system testing, documentation, and modification). Computer manufacture or repair is excluded (non-exempt work).


5. Administrative Exemption:


a. Primary duty consistent with 5 CFR 551 (e.g.; non-manual work directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or its customers), AND job duties require exercise of discretion & independent judgment.

  FLSA Conclusion:
  Non Exempt

FLSA Comments/Explanations:



Duties updated 8/23/02 -- no impact to the classification (pp, title, series, or grade) of the position. NECPOC


_NOT MET__ Foreign Exemption

_NOT MET__ Executive Exemption
___ Exercises appropriate supervisory responsibility (primary duty)

___ Customarily and regularly exercises independent judgment

___ 80% test, if applicable (GS-5/6; Sit 1 & 2 WS supervisors; law
enforcement & firefighter supervisors thru GS-9)

_NOT MET__ Professional Exemption

___ Professional work (primary duty)

___ Intellectual and varied work (more than dealing with procedures/precedents)

___ Discretion & independent judgment

___ 80% test, if applicable (This virtually never applies since GS-5/6 positions are trainees and other eligible employees are not professional)

_NOT MET_ Administrative Exemption

_NOT MET__ Primary duty
_NOT MET__ Policy or
_NOT MET__ Management or general business or supporting services or
_NOT MET__ Participation in the executive/administrative functions of a management official

_NOT MET__ Nonmanual work test
_NOT MET__ intellectual and significant (more than dealing with procedures/precedents), or
___ specialized & technical in nature requiring considerable training/experience

_NOT MET__ Discretion & independent judgment

_N/A__ 80% test, if applicable

Comments/Explanations (State which major duties/job functions are Exempt):


Classification Comments: Performs primarily manual work covered by the Federal wage system. This position is determined to be nonexempt in accordance with 5 CFR, Section 551-204, which indicates that FWS positions are nonexempt from the provisions of the FLSA.