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PD#: EI11693

Sequence#: VARIES

Replaces PD#: EI01079



Organization Title:



Agency: VARIES

Installation: VARIES

Army Command: VARIES


Command Code: VARIES


Citation 1: OPM ADMIN ANALYSIS GEG, TS-98, AUG 1990


Citation 3: OPM SERIES DEF., GS-101, MAY 2009



Supervisory Certification: I certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position and its organizational relationships, and that the position is necessary to carry out Government functions for which I am responsible. This certification is made with the knowledge that this information is to be used for statutory purposes relating to appointment and payment of public funds, and that false or misleading statements may constitute violations of such statutes or their implementing regulations.


Supervisor Name:  

Reviewed Date:

Classification Review: This position has been classified/graded as required by Title 5, U.S. Code in conformance with standard published by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management or if no published standards apply directly, consistently with the most applicable published standards.



Reviewed Date: 06/11/2001


Cyber Workforce:

  • Primary Work Role: VARIES
  • Additional Work Role 1: VARIES
  • Additional Work Role 2: VARIES


FLSA Worksheet:

FLSA Appeal: NO

Bus Code: VARIES


  • Mission Category: VARIES
  • Work Category: VARIES
  • Work Level: VARIES

Acquisition Position: NO

  • CAP:  
  • Career Category:  
  • Career Level:  

Functional Code:  

Interdisciplinary: NO

Supervisor Status: VARIES



Drug Test Required: VARIES  

Financial Management Certification:

Position Designation: VARIES

Position Sensitivity: VARIES

Security Access: VARIES

Emergency Essential:   

Requires Access to Firearms: VARIES

Personnel Reliability Position: VARIES

Information Assurance: VARIES

Influenza Vaccination: NO

Financial Disclosure: VARIES

Financial Disclosure: NO  

Enterprise Position: VARIES


Competitive Area: VARIES

Competitive Level: VARIES

Career Program: VARIES

Career Ladder PD: NO

Target Grade/FPL: 11

Career Pos 1:    

Career Pos 2:    

Career Pos 3:    

Career Pos 4:   

Career Pos 5:    

Career Pos 6:   



Serves as the Army Community Service (ACS) plans and operations officer for all personnel support functions within the directorate. Maintains current knowledge of all ACS regulations, policies, and procedures. Analyzes directives from higher headquarters, identifies objectives and resources, and formulates plans based on personal research and technical input from the staff and other offices and agencies. Simultaneously serves as the Army Community Service (ACS) deployment or mobilization and stability and support plans and operations officer. Serves as principal advisor on such matters to the Director of ACS. Represents the command's interests at active military, reserve component, local government and civilian agency meetings.

1. Represents the ACS in installation mobilization planning, in-progress review, and after action meetings for scheduled semi-annual through 5-year recurring exercises and in actual conditions. Coordinates the provision of ACS requirements and provides direct support as needed. Prepares and updates the ACS and liaison activity sections of the HQ, 7th ID and Fort Carson Installation Mobilization, Operations, Planning, and Execution System (IMOPES), Volumes I-III. Coordinates revisions with affected units and staff agencies. Provides the updates for the IMOPES Volume I-III, to the G-3, 7th ID and Fort Carson for consolidation and publication. Coordinates plans for increased essential support activity workload for family members of mobilized personnel. Monitors, provides guidance and participates in mobilization preparation of family members and the preparation of standing operating procedures, essential forms and documents of Reserve Component units throughout the 7th ID and Fort Carson area of operation. Serves as the ACS action officer and family support point of contact for installation mobilization exercises. Plans, coordinates and executes the ACS soldier mobilization processing station. Initiates and maintains authorized ACS support services to reserve component commanders, soldiers and family members. Participates in reserve component unit family support activities upon invitation or during scheduled assistance visits.

2. Serves as the ACS representative in installation deployment and other installation contingency support planning, in-progress review and after action meetings under exercise and actual conditions. Reviews and revises the sections of the 7TH ID and Fort Carson Readiness SOP applicable to the ACS deployment support requirements. Establishes and maintains the installation Family Assistance Center (FAC) Plan and serves as FAC Director when it is activated. During crises, coordinates with FORSCOM, USAG-Fort Carson and other services such as the Red Cross, Veterans Administration, and Social Security Administration for resources and assistance. Prepares and updates the ACS sections of the 7th ID and Fort Carson Combating Terrorism Contingency Plan, the 7th ID and Fort Carson Disaster Preparedness Plan, the installation Evacuation/Repatriation Plan for non-combatants, and the installation Emergency Operations Center SOP. Reviews current ACS policies and procedures within each plan. Coordinates revisions within ACS and provides updates to G-3, 7th ID and Fort Carson when required. Serves as a shift team member in the installation Emergency Operations Center and represents the ACS as required. Reports to the EOC upon alert of a mobilization, deployment or emergency under both exercise and actual conditions. Keeps the ACS informed of the overall situation and ACS tasks evolving from the emergency. Coordinates directly with the EOC representatives from other directorates and staff offices to expedite actions. Prepares and maintains the EOC SOP for ACS alert notification procedures (ANP) and On-Call Representative (OCR). Reviews, updates, and maintains the ACS paragraphs to the USAG-Fort Carson Mobilization Table of Distribution and Allowances (MOBTDA). In conjunction with Directorate of Resource Management's Manpower and equipment Documentation Division identifies and manages the retiree and Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) positions within ACS.

3. Consults and briefs commanders, installation leadership, and the community at large to keep them abreast of soldier and family issues. Serves as the command representative on various in installation military and civilian committees and councils. Maintains close liaison with local, state, and federal agencies and reserve component family support program coordinators. Develops local networks and establishes memorandums of agreements to enhance program delivery. Serves as the Unit Services Strategy Program Coordinator. Conducts briefings and prepares and/or distributes fact sheets for the use and orientation of unit commanders, soldiers, and family support groups regarding pre- and post-mobilization actions and activities that will prepare families for separations and reduce the impact of sponsors for the duration of contingencies. Serves as the Acting Chief, Army Community Service as assigned during his/her absence.

Performs other duties as assigned.

NOTE: SECRET clearance is required.

NOTE: Weekend work is periodically performed due to the requirement to brief or train Army Reserve and National Guard personnel. In addition, work schedule may fluctuate to accommodate Family Assistance Center (FAC) functions when the Center is activated.

Factor 1. Knowledge Required by the Position, FL 1-7, 1250 pts

Thorough knowledge of the mission and organization of ACS to develop and coordinate mobilization/deployment plans and activities.

Knowledge of pertinent laws, regulations, policies, and precedents governing the provision of assistance to soldiers and their families through ACS or other activities in both the garrison and deployed setting.

Skill at analytical reasoning and the ability to apply that skill to the identification, analysis, and evaluation of problems and issues relative to both unit services and mobilization/deployment planning; skill in preparing position papers, staff reports, and information papers; and skill in organizing and delivering briefings to commanders and their staffs and to soldiers and dependents to encourage participation, cooperation, and support for the program.

Skill in dealing with diverse personnel, including commanders, officials, soldiers, and family members from the Active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard, and in addition, representatives from other military services, service organizations, and interest groups.

Factor 2. Supervisory Controls, FL 2-4, 450 pts

Supervisor furnishes general instructions and outlines broad objectives. The incumbent works independently to develop and coordinate the necessary plans and procedures to conduct the ACS responsibilities in the mobilization/deployment area. Refers only unusual or controversial problems to the supervisor. Completed work is reviewed for compatibility with goals and effectiveness in achieving objectives.

Factor 3. Guidelines, FL 3-3, 275 pts

Guidelines consist of Army, major command, and installation regulations, policies, and plans. Incumbent uses judgment in choosing, interpreting, or adapting available guidelines to specific situations.

Factor 4. Complexity, FL 4-4, 225 pts

Subjects and projects usually consist of issues, problems, or concepts that are not always susceptible to direct observation and analysis, e.g., while units receive yearly training on the family impact of mobilization/deployment, planning for a specific deployment is impacted by the variables associated with it.

Factor 5. Scope and Effect, FL 5-3, 150 pts

Purpose of the work is to plan for and prepare Active Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard soldiers and their families for mobilization/deployment. This improves the soldier's ability to concentrate on his or her military mission by reducing the stress and distraction caused by separation from the family and the problems that otherwise may arise.

Factor 6. Personal Contacts, FL 6-2 25 pts

Contacts are with plans and operations personnel at installation and higher headquarters and with military personnel and their family members and civilian personnel of the Army (including Reserve and National Guard).

Factor 7. Purpose of Contracts, FL 7-2 50 pts

Purpose of contacts is to provide Directorate input to mobilization/deployment plans, and advice and assistance on mobilization/deployment matters as they pertain to the ACS area of responsibility.

Factor 8. Physical Demands, FL 8-1 5 pts

The work is primarily sedentary, although some physical effort may be required.

Factor 9, Work Environment: Level 9-1, 5 pts

Work is usually performed indoors in an adequately lighted and climate controlled office.

Total Points = 2435
Point Range = 2355-2750
Grade = GS-11

NOTE: Assignment to duties other than those above for a period exceeding 30 days constitutes a misassignment and must be corrected immediately by appropriate Operating Official submitting a Request for Personnel Action, either to detail, temporarily promote, or to permanently assign employee to the appropriate job.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Determination


1. Availability Pay Exemption - (e.g., Criminal Investigators, U.S. Customs and Border Protection pilots who are also Law Enforcement Officers).


2. Foreign Exemption - (Note: Puerto Rico and certain other locations do not qualify for this exemption – See 5 CFR 551.104 for a list of Nonexempt areas.)


3. Executive Exemption:


a. Exercises appropriate management responsibility (primary duty) over a recognized organizational unit with a continuing function, AND


b. Customarily and regularly directs 2 or more employees, AND


c. Has the authority to make or recommend hiring, firing, or other status-change decisions, when such recommendations have particular weight.


4. Professional Exemption:


a. Professional work (primary duty)


b. Learned Professional, (See 5 CFR, 551.208 ) (Registered Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Physician’s Assistants, Medical Technologists, Teachers, Attorneys, Physicians, Dentists, Podiatrists, Optometrists, Engineers, Architects, and Accountants at the independent level as just some of the typical examples of exempt professionals). Or


c. Creative Professional, (See 5 CFR, 551.209 ) (The primary duty requires invention and originality in a recognized artistic field (music, writing, etc.) and does not typically include newspapers or other media or work subject to control by the organization are just some examples of Creative Professionals). Or


d. Computer Employee, (See 5 CFR, 551.210 ) ( must meet salary test and perform such duties as system analysis, program/system design, or program/system testing, documentation, and modification). Computer manufacture or repair is excluded (non-exempt work).


5. Administrative Exemption:


a. Primary duty consistent with 5 CFR 551 (e.g.; non-manual work directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or its customers), AND job duties require exercise of discretion & independent judgment.

  FLSA Conclusion:
  Non Exempt

FLSA Comments/Explanations:




JOB # EI11693

1. References:
a. OPM PCS Mis Admin & Program Series, GS-301, Jan 79
b. OPM Admin Analysis GEG, Aug 90
c. OPM PCS Social Services Series, GS-187, Feb 65
d. OPM PCS Soc Svcs Aid & Asst Series, GS-186, Oct 82
e. OPM Social Science Series Definition, GS-0101

2. Background: Management has requested that Job # EI01079, Employment Assistance Manager, GS-101-11, be canceled and the incumbent, Louis Shaw, be reassigned to new job description, Mobilization and Deployment Specialist, GS-0301-11. This job description was based on Job #EW00034, Mobilization and Deployment Specialist, GS-0301-11 with no major modifications.

3. Series and Title Determination: The duties of this position are assigned to the GS-0301 Miscellaneous, Administration and Program series, which covers performance of two-grade interval work for which no other series is appropriate. Although the incumbent must know and apply knowledge of work in the GS-0186 and -0187 series, and to a lesser extent the GS-0185 series, the position does not meet the GS-0101 series coverage, since that series ??includes positions the duties of which are to advise on, administer, supervise or perform research or other professional and scientific work in one or any combination of the social sciences when such work is not classifiable in other series of this occupational group.? While mobilization and deployment planning work is two-grade interval in nature, and although the incumbent must possess a thorough knowledge of ACS mission and functions, the duties performed do not meet the GS-0101 series coverage in that they do not involve performing ??other professional and scientific work in one or any combination of the social sciences?? Accordingly, the position is assigned to the GS-0301 series with the constructed title ?Mobilization and Deployment Specialist.?

4. Grade Determination: Reference b was used for grade determination, factor levels and points are contained in job description.

5. Final Classification Determination: Mobilization and Deployment Specialist, GS-0301-11.

6. FLSA: Exempt

Carla Huck
Classification Specialist
26 July, 2001


PD #: EI11680
PP/SERIES/GRADE: GS-0301-11, Mobilization and Deployment Specialist
___ Foreign Exemption (5 CFR 551.209)
___ Criminal Investigator with Availability Pay Exemption (5 CFR 551.210)
___ Pilot with Customs Service Exemption (5 CFR 551.210)
___ Customs Officer Exemption (5 CFR 551.211)

___ Executive Exemption
___ Exercises appropriate supervisory responsibility (primary duty)
___ Customarily and regularly exercises independent judgment
___ 80% test, if applicable (GS-5/6; Sit 1 & 2 WS supervisors; law
enforcement & firefighter supervisors thru GS-9)

___ Professional Exemption
___ Professional work (primary duty)
___ Intellectual and varied work (more than dealing with procedures/precedents)
___ Discretion & independent judgment
___ 80% test, if applicable (This virtually never applies since GS-5/6 positions
are trainees and other eligible employees are not professional)

_M__ Administrative Exemption

_X__ Primary duty
___ Policy or
___ Management or general business or supporting services or
__M_ Participation in the executive/administrative functions of a management

_M__ Nonmanual work test
_M__ intellectual and significant (more than dealing with procedures/precedents), or
____ specialized & technical in nature requiring considerable training/experience

__M_ Discretion & independent judgment

___ 80% test, if applicable

Conclusion: Exempt. Incumbent works independently to develop and coordinate plans and procedures for ACS responsibilities for mobilization/deployment. The supervisor furnishes general instructions and outlines broad objectives. Major Duties 1 and 2.