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PD#: HU263937

Sequence#: VARIES

Replaces PD#:   




LN Pay Plan:  C1     LN Grade:  07

Organization Title:



Agency: VARIES

Installation: VARIES

Army Command: VARIES

Region: EUROPE

Command Code: VARIES



Citation 2: OPM ADMIN ANALYSIS GEG, TS-98, AUG 1990


Citation 4: CTA II, ART. 58

Supervisory Certification: I certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position and its organizational relationships, and that the position is necessary to carry out Government functions for which I am responsible. This certification is made with the knowledge that this information is to be used for statutory purposes relating to appointment and payment of public funds, and that false or misleading statements may constitute violations of such statutes or their implementing regulations.



Reviewed Date: 05/25/2021

Classification Review: This position has been classified/graded as required by Title 5, U.S. Code in conformance with standard published by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management or if no published standards apply directly, consistently with the most applicable published standards.



Reviewed Date: 10/11/2007


Cyber Workforce:

  • Primary Work Role: VARIES
  • Additional Work Role 1: VARIES
  • Additional Work Role 2: VARIES


FLSA Worksheet: EXEMPT

FLSA Appeal: NO

Bus Code: VARIES


  • Mission Category: VARIES
  • Work Category: VARIES
  • Work Level: VARIES

Acquisition Position: NO

  • CAP:  
  • Career Category:  
  • Career Level:  

Functional Code: 00

Interdisciplinary: NO

Supervisor Status: VARIES



Drug Test Required: VARIES  

Financial Management Certification:

Position Designation: VARIES

Position Sensitivity: VARIES

Security Access: VARIES

Emergency Essential:   

Requires Access to Firearms: VARIES

Personnel Reliability Position: VARIES

Information Assurance: VARIES

Influenza Vaccination: NO

Financial Disclosure: VARIES

Financial Disclosure: NO  

Enterprise Position: VARIES


Competitive Area: VARIES

Competitive Level: VARIES

Career Program: VARIES

Career Ladder PD: NO

Target Grade/FPL:  

Career Pos 1:    

Career Pos 2:    

Career Pos 3:    

Career Pos 4:   

Career Pos 5:    

Career Pos 6:   



Works under the general supervision of the Chief, Distribution and Transportation Division, who outlines objectives and priorities. Incumbent evaluates problems, notes discrepancies and decides on both short and long range work planning and related operational matters with broad latitude for independent actions.


Serves as Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist, responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating the logistical action required to support, manage, control and complete logistics functions at the Department of Defense's largest Medical Distribution Center. Supervises several special handling sections in Distribution and Transportation Division with special functions: a. Vault Section with receiving, storage, picking and packing functions for controlled and pilferable substances, which require special safety handling. b. Reefer Section with storage, picking and packing functions for refrigerated and frozen vaccines and lab items, which require handling according to the Cold Chain Management regulation. c. Hazardous Materiel (Hazmat) Storage and Packing Section with packing functions according to the different laws and regulations for hazardous transportation. d. Turn-In Section with the functions of receiving, storage, recycling and destruction of returned medical materiel. e. Physical Inventory Section, which is responsible for the inventory management within Distribution and Transportation Division. Supervises a total of 22 Local National Employees (graded up to C5a) and one DAC Civilian (graded WG5).

1. Performs continuing analysis of stock positions of medical items stored in warehousing space totaling almost 300,000 square feet to include over 5,000 square feet of vault storage and over 23,000 square feet of special handling storage space (for refrigerated , flammable and hazardous material). Establishes distribution levels for storage for both primary and secondary locations. Determines initial distribution or redistribution of stocks through regular issue against established levels. Determines and oversees actions required to dispose of excess stocks, stock turned in for credit and stock turned in for disposal/destruction. Functions as the Contracting Officer Representative for the destruction and oxygen refill contracts. Is responsible for the proper destruction of outdated medical materiel from both USAMMCE and USAMMCE's customers. Exercises supervisory control over the recycling program, which nets over $500,000 a year in credit/cash returns annually. A thorough knowledge of standard Army and medical supply procedures are required to ensure that USAMMCE storage operation is in compliance with all DOD and Army regulations pertaining to the receipt, storage and issuance of medical supplies and equipment. Performs inspections to ensure compliance with established procedures and standards. 30%

2. Intensively engaged in the identification, selection and standardization of the medical/surgical commodity in Europe. Coordinates with logisticians and health care professionals both in DOD environment and private sector. Coordinates with Material Management Division, USAMMCE and Storage Branch, D&T, USAMMCE to identify and correct deficiencies noted during the receiving of medical/surgical products. Ensures that all Materiel Release Order (MRO) denials and Reports of Discrepancies are thoroughly researched, recommending procedural and business practice changes within Distribution and Transportation and USAMMCE as appropriate. Manages and supervises the physical inventory throughout Distribution and Transportation Division in coordination with Materiel Management Division. 20%

3. Studies and analyzes a variety of regulations and directives from different sources to keep current with the latest developments in the area of warehouse and storage operations including special handling (e.g. Hazmat). Analyzes current business trends and customer request trends to recommend changes in Storage, Distribution and Transportation and USAMMCE business practices. Formulates, installs and revises work instructions with the purpose of implementing pertinent regulatory and directive guidelines, to coordinate administrative and operational activities and to provide guidance to respective branches on transporting, receiving, storing and issuing problems according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements. 15%

4. Performs a variety of data transfer and verification assignments utilizing TAMMIS, the Army automated medical logistics system and other systems. Utilizes a knowledge of this system in order to perform and verify that such tasks as updating location files, updating quality control data, ensuring accurate processing of receipts and processing of materiel release orders have been properly done. Processes all receipts referred to item manager. Researches various TAMMIS historical files and coordinates with Material Management Division and the Inventory Control Branch. 10%

5. Informs Chief, Distribution and Transportation Division, of anticipated vacancies, increases in workload or other circumstances to obtain replacements, temporary help or additional staff after exhausting all internal options. Formally recommends promotions, reassignments or other status changes of assigned personnel, such as retention or release of probationary employees, step increases, and recognition of outstanding performance. Oversees attendance and leave, to include approval of ordinary sick (USFM) and annual leave and vacation schedules. Resolves informal complaints of employees that are within jurisdiction, contacting Chief, D&T as appropriate. Directs on-the-job training for employees, creates and executes an employee cross training program, and ensures employee training on TAMMIS, TEWLS and other appropriate automated tools as required. Advises employees of the performance requirements and informs them of the progress on meeting these requirements. Ensures that corrective interviews and other corrective disciplinary measures take place when appropriate. Advises Chief, D&T on matters dealing with his/her personnel and the works council. Takes affirmative action to insure that employees understand and personally strive towards meeting the goals and objectives of such programs as Equal Employment Opportunity, Federal Women's Program and Hire the Handicapped. Informs management on employee's participation, suggestions and reactions. Assures that subordinates are trained and fully comply with provisions of the security regulations. 25%

Performs other duties as assigned.

FACTOR 1 Knowledge required by the Position, FL 1-7, 1250 Points

Knowledge of a broad range of logistics management relationships and significant expertise of the Storage and Distribution Functions, Hazardous Packing and Transportation, Cold Chain Management Regulations, Controlled Substances and Destruction and Recycling Management Programs, to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the programs and/or operations, which requires the consideration and recommendation of several alternatives.

Knowledge of logistics management concepts, policies, methods, and regulatory requirements pertaining to logistics plans, operations and support activities to include transportation, supply, maintenance and troop support.

Knowledge of the Distribution and Transportation Division mission, function, organization and logistics programs of the Military.

Knowledge and skill to develop, coordinate, and maintain the logistics portion of mobilization, contingency, emergency and special plans for the command/organization.

Knowledge of agency program planning, funding, and management information systems; broad knowledge of the organization and functions of activities involved in providing logistical support.

Knowledge and skill to write English and German language, interpret and develop implementing instructions for logistics plans and programs.

Ability to analyze and evaluate logistics plans to ensure adequate logistics support. Ability to coordinate and direct logistics support activities for conferences and special events.

Ability to coordinate and evaluate the efforts of functional specialists to identify specific requirements and to develop and adjust plans and schedules for the actions needed to meet each requirement on time

Skill in communicating orally and in writing in order to prepare and present reports, information papers, briefings and recommendations.

FACTOR 2 Supervisory Controls, FL 2-4, 450 Points

Works under general supervision of the Chief, Distribution and Transportation Division. The supervisor sets the overall objectives and recourses available. Receives work assignments in the form of broad statements of objectives and brief outlines of methods and approaches. The incumbent is expected to execute work with little or no supervision. With developed expertise in the particular specialty of the program, the incumbent is responsible for planning and carrying out the work, resolving most of the conflicts that arise. Day-to-day duties are performed on own initiative in determining which projects to initiate, develops deadlines, and identifies staff and other resources required to carry out assigned projects. Supervisor is kept informed about progress, potentially controversial matters. Completed work is reviewed from an overall standpoint in terms of feasibility, compatibility and effectiveness in meeting objectives and achieving expected results.

FACTOR 3 Guidelines, FL 3-3, 275 Points

Guidelines include Army, Defense Logistics Agency, USAMEDCOM, USTRANSCOM, USAREUR, USAMMCE, USAMMA, EUCOM, CENTCOM, and DSCPE regulation, policies, precedents and procedures concerning logistics. Incumbent uses judgment to locate and select from numerous available guides, which are not directly applicable to the situations at hand. Due to the lack of specificity, the guidelines are often insufficient to accomplish specific objectives. The employee exercises a great deal of personal judgment and discretion with latitude for interpreting and applying guidelines across the organization. Incumbent also develops supplemental guidance and recommends changes to policies and procedures.

FACTOR 4 Complexity, FL 4-4, 225 Points

Assignments include many different and unrelated processes and methods based on the projects assigned. Incumbent reviews and evaluates logistic plans, coordinates and directs logistics support activities, conducts special studies related to logistics, assesses the situation complicated by conflicting and/or insufficient data, and provides general logistics advice and assistance to representatives of various DOD activities such as USAREUR, USAMEDCOM, EUCOM, CENTCOM, USAMMCE, USAMMA, DSCP-E and DLA. Requirements to follow established policies, practices, procedures, and techniques may have to be varied for a number or situations, locations and issues to assure effective Medical Distribution program support. Decisions and waives from prescribed standards are based on analysis of mission, logistics support requirements, impact of plans on operations and other plans and programs, and identification of logistics related problems.

FACTOR 5 Scope and Effect, FL 5-3, 150 Points

The work involves resolving a variety of conventional logistical problems, questions, or situations, to ensure the maintaining of the total multiple Theater's medical sustainment and surge requirement for items managed and that adequate logistics support is provided for a variety of activities such as analyzing project proposal on the planning, programming, budgeting, execution, receipt, storage, quality, assembly, shipment, disassembly, disposal and readiness of major medical materiel war reserve operational projects. This work affects the efficiency of established logistics operations, specialized programs and has direct impact upon the successful accomplishment of the commands mission.

FACTOR 6 Personal Contacts & Purpose of Contacts, FL 2b, 75 Points

Personal contacts are with a variety of technical, functional and support personnel within the medical field, MACOM's, HQDA, HQEUCOM, HQMRMC, HQUSAREUR, Department of State, and with other Federal agencies for which logistics support is provided.

Contacts are for the purpose of exchanging information, coordination, and resolving work-related problems, providing technical advice and assistance, directing logistics support activities, and presenting/explaining recommendations.

FACTOR 8 Physical Demands, FL 8-1, 5 Points

The work is typically performed while the employee is seated in an office. However, duty requirements for this employee will require lifting of materiel up to 75 pounds and the operation of warehouse material handling equipment. During activities such as conferences and special events, employee is required to walk long distances, climb stairs, use portable radios, and carry equipment weighing up to 50 pounds.

FACTOR 9 Work Environment, FL 9-1, 5 Points

Work is generally performed in a well-lighted, heated and ventilated office setting. During work on the Distribution Floor, the employee will work in a number of varied size and type of warehouses; during conferences and special operations, incumbent may spend many hours outside in inclement weather conditions. Normal every day risks are encountered in going to and from offices and buildings, and traveling by military or commercial vehicles.

POINT RANGE: 2355-2750 converts to GS-11

Factor 1: Scope and Effect, Level 1-2 -- 350 points.

Incumbent is responsible for receipt, storage, packing, shipping, destruction and recycling of class VIII medical materiel including hazardous, refrigerated, frozen and controlled substances. Resolves problems concerned with storage and special handling requirements and manages budget, staffing and supply for five subordinate sections. Effectiveness substantially impacts the performance of the TRI Service support to customers worldwide to all parts of the US Military and to foreign customers.

Factor 2: Organizational Setting, Level 2-1 ? 100 points.

Incumbent reports to the Chief, Distribution and Transportation Division, who in turn reports to USAMMCE's Deputy for Operations.

Factor 3: Supervisory and Managerial Authority Exercised, Level 3-2 ? 450 points.

The incumbent is responsible for dealing with officials of other sections and divisions, outside and higher organizations, or in advising management officials of higher rank. Determines goals and objectives that need additional emphasis, plans for long range staffing needs, as well as for out-contracting needs. Requests and manages budget for internal and external personnel requirements, as well as for warehouse equipment and supplies. Plans and schedules ongoing work on an annual basis, assures implementation of new programs and systems (for ex. TEWLS), and makes decisions on work and coordination problems presented by his/her subordinate supervisors.

1. Recommends selection for subordinate supervisory positions, responsible for coordinating the work of the vault, reefer, hazmat and physical inventory section. 2. Reviews and approves serious disciplinary actions, involving the nonsupervisory subordinates. 3. Recommends awards or bonuses for supervisory and non-supervisory personnel and changes in position classifications, which are being approved by higher level officials. 4. Determines whether the contractors meet the performance standards and authorizes their payment. Initiates new or continuation of contracts. 5. Evaluates subordinate supervisors and serves as the reviewing official on evaluations of their employees. 6. Makes decisions on all work problems presented by his/her team leaders and contractors. 7. Hears and resolves employee complaints and grievances. 8. Exercises significant responsibilities in advising his supervisor, the DCO and Commander as well as customers from other units. 9. Assures reasonable equity among the different sections by developing performance standards for all employees and subordinate supervisors that are fair and equitable.

Determines training needs of subordinate supervisors and employees of his/her sections, evaluates subordinate supervisors and serves as the reviewing official on evaluations of employees rated by the subordinate supervisors. Initiates, updates and implements and controls clear work instructions for subordinate supervisors and employees.

Factor 4a: Personal Contacts, Nature of Contacts, Level 4A-2 ? 50 points.

Incumbent is the responsible contracting officer representative for several contracts, generated by different contracting offices. Coordinates between contracting offices and commercial companies? representatives. Internal contacts are with all levels of center management.

Factor 4b: Personal Contacts, Purpose of Contact, Level 4B-3 ? 100 points.

Provides information to the Headquarter MRMC and other commands, and provides advice and assistance to center operating officials. Defines, negotiates and evaluates new contracts in compliance with established policies, regulations and German Laws. Participates in conferences, meetings and presentations pertaining to her/his area of responsibility.

Factor 5: Difficulty of Typical Work Directed, Level 5-3 ? 340 points.

The highest grade that best characterizes the nature of the basic non-supervisory work of the employees supervised, and which constitutes 25% or more of the workload of the unit, is GS-05. Approximately 71% of the work supervised is at the GS-05 (C-4a), 19% at the GS-06 (C-05), and 9% at the GS-07 (C-5a) levels.

Factor 6: Other Conditions, Level 6-1 ? 310 points.

Incumbent directs employees in grades GS-05, GS-06 and GS-07. In addition personally oversees the work of a crew of contracting personnel. Incumbent has the technical expertise and all required and necessary certificates for special handling of hazardous, controlled, refrigerated, destruction and recycling materiel handling, which enables him/her to efficient coordinate, manage and control the five subordinate sections.

POINT RANGE: 1605-1850 converts to GS-08


1. Position may be designated Emergency Essential (E-E) in support of mobilization and wartime mission. If designated E-E, employee will be required to remain in the overseas position in the event of hostilities or mobilization until relieved by proper authority. E-E employees are required to undergo nuclear-biological and chemical training and to participate in readiness tests, mobilization, alerts, and field training exercises. Employee must pass a medical examination and receive required immunizations for the overseas/deployed location. Prior to appointment to the position, employee will sign a statement agreeing to the E-E condition of employment.

2. Position may require that employee pass screening for illegal drug use prior to appointment and subsequent periodic drug screening thereafter.

3. Duties of this position may require the employee to obtain and maintain the designated security clearance. If a top secret clearance is required, employee must pass screening for illegal drug use prior to appointment and subsequent periodic drug screening thereafter.

- Position involves occasional 5% TDY.
- English language capabilities at level III are required to communicate orally or in writing on matters pertaining to the work assigned.
- Shift/weekend work may be required.

CP: 24

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Determination = (EXEMPT)


1. Availability Pay Exemption - (e.g., Criminal Investigators, U.S. Customs and Border Protection pilots who are also Law Enforcement Officers).


2. Foreign Exemption - (Note: Puerto Rico and certain other locations do not qualify for this exemption – See 5 CFR 551.104 for a list of Nonexempt areas.)


3. Executive Exemption:


a. Exercises appropriate management responsibility (primary duty) over a recognized organizational unit with a continuing function, AND


b. Customarily and regularly directs 2 or more employees, AND


c. Has the authority to make or recommend hiring, firing, or other status-change decisions, when such recommendations have particular weight.


4. Professional Exemption:


a. Professional work (primary duty)


b. Learned Professional, (See 5 CFR, 551.208 ) (Registered Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Physician’s Assistants, Medical Technologists, Teachers, Attorneys, Physicians, Dentists, Podiatrists, Optometrists, Engineers, Architects, and Accountants at the independent level as just some of the typical examples of exempt professionals). Or


c. Creative Professional, (See 5 CFR, 551.209 ) (The primary duty requires invention and originality in a recognized artistic field (music, writing, etc.) and does not typically include newspapers or other media or work subject to control by the organization are just some examples of Creative Professionals). Or


d. Computer Employee, (See 5 CFR, 551.210 ) ( must meet salary test and perform such duties as system analysis, program/system design, or program/system testing, documentation, and modification). Computer manufacture or repair is excluded (non-exempt work).


5. Administrative Exemption:


a. Primary duty consistent with 5 CFR 551 (e.g.; non-manual work directly related to the management or general business operations of the employer or its customers), AND job duties require exercise of discretion & independent judgment.

  FLSA Conclusion:
  Non Exempt

FLSA Comments/Explanations:

Position is OCONUS and therefore exempt.




The final grade of the position is based on technical duties.