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Job Number 19JUN0HUCHRA0X652771
PayPlan/Series  C1-0203
Grade 05/5A 
Salary  Euro Symbol 2529.14 -  Euro Symbol 3698.86 
Opening Date 12-Jun-2019 
Cutoff Date N/A 
Closing Date 26-Jun-2019 
Position Title Human Resources Assistant (OA) / Personalverwaltungsangestellter (EDV-Anw.) (m/w/d), 4 perm ft pos 
Organization Deputy Chief of Staff, Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA), Europe Regional Director's Office, Kaiserslautern Civ Pers Advisory Ctr, Team A 
Duty Station Kaiserslautern 

Bitte lesen Sie “Wie bewerbe ich mich richtig”:
Please read “How do I apply” :
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Wir akzeptieren nur Bewerbungen mit unserem hausinternen Bewerbungsformular, AE Form 690-70A, Dec 15. Bitte keine Anlagen beilegen, außer Nachweis bei Schwerbehinderung/Gleichstellung./
We only accept applications with our internal application form AE Form 690-70A, Dec 15.

Bewerbungsformular/Application Form:
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Wir akzeptieren keine Bewerbungen per Fax oder Email sondern nur per Post an die Postfachadresse in Kaiserslautern. Einschreiben oder andere spezielle Versandarten können den Eingang erheblich verzögern. Deshalb empfehlen wir den normalen Postweg./
We do not accept applications via fax or email, only via mail to our mailbox address. Registered mail or any other special mailing methods may delay receipt of your application. Therefore, we recommend using the general German mailing system.

Um Ihnen und uns Kosten zu sparen, übersenden Sie Ihren Bewerbungsbogen bitte ohne Ordner, Hefter oder Plastikhüllen. /
To avoid additional expenses please send your application without any document folders, sheet protectors etc.

Sollten Sie mehrere Bewerbungen gleichzeitig einreichen, können Sie gerne einen Umschlag benutzen. / Should you submit multiple applications at the same time, you can of course use one envelope./

Postanschrift/Mailing Address:

Civilian Human Resources Agency
Kleber Kaserne
LN Division, Kaiserslautern Team
Postfach 15 40
67604 Kaiserslautern

Tel: DSN: 483-5759/5760
Tel: CIV: 0631-411-5759/5760

Schwerbehinderte oder ihnen Gleichgestellte werden bei gleicher Eignung für diese Planstelle bevorzugt berücksichtigt, wenn sie diesen Status im Bewerbungsbogen angeben. Sie haben ihren Status bei der Bewerbung nachzuweisen. /
In case of equal qualifications, a severely handicapped person or a person with equal status will receive priority consideration when identified on the application form. Such persons must provide proof of their status when applying.

Innerbetriebliche Arbeitnehmer (m/w/d), die derzeit in Teilzeit beschäftigt sind, sind gemäß Paragraph 9 TzBefrG bei der Besetzung eines entsprechenden freien Arbeitsplatzes mit einer höheren Wochenarbeitszeit, bei gleicher Eignung, bevorzugt zu berücksichtigen. (Bitte geben Sie deshalb unbedingt im Bewerbungsformular, Teil IV – Berufserfahrung, die Wochenarbeitsstunden Ihrer jetzigen Position an)./ Current Employees, who are working Part-Time will receive priority consideration in accordance with the German law on part-time- and temporary employment, Paragraph 9 for vacancies with a higher number of weekly workhours, when equally qualified (please indicate your current Part-Time hours worked clearly in the application form, Part IV, Professional Experience).
Area of

Current INTERNAL Local National Employees throughout Germany. This covers all current Local National employees of the U.S. Forces in Germany, including U.S. Air Force and AAFES-Europe within Germany.


EXTERNAL Local National Applicants, who reside in Germany.

Duties Serves as a US or Local National (LN) Human Resources Assistant working in the multifunctional disciplines implementing the HR aspects in one or more of the following Human Resources programs: (1) staffing/recruitment/retention and reshape, (2) benefits/entitlements and allowances, (3) management & employee relations, (4) position management/structuring, (5) human resource development. Has specific program responsibility for implementation of an effective program in any one or more of the HR program areas cited above.

Staffing/Recruitment/Retention/Reshaping (US/LN): Assists specialists in preparing requests for recruitment, retention and relocation incentives, contacts supervisors to obtain additional information when required. Reviews requests for personnel actions (RPAs) for accuracy and to determine the nature of staffing action and source candidates (competitive, non-competitive, PPP). Processes RPAs on lower graded positions and all wage grade levels. Explains to supervisors how Military Spouse Preference (MSP) and Veterans Preference affect the selection process. Explains employment procedures to employees/management. Advises applicants on adequacy of information provided in applications for employment. Assures all regulatory guidelines and local procedural requirements are met; assures payroll or other established deadlines are met. Requests and processes referral lists through automated systems, and assures that all referred candidates receive appropriate consideration. Prepares cooperation packages for respective works council in case of LN recruitment. Consults with the selectees and releasing offices to set EOD dates. Extends job offers to selected candidates. Assists in the registering of US employees in the Priority Placement Program (PPP) as well as local placement registration. Reviews supervisors' selection to ensure proper adherence to referral categories and merit principles. As required, arranges release/entry on duty dates; and initiates security checks. In-processes new employees. Responds to inquiries from managers regarding all aspects of recruitment and placements functions. Composes and prepares routine correspondence.

Benefits/Entitlements/Allowances (US/LN): provides information on Foreign Area Allowances and travel entitlements. Receives initial allowance applications and supporting documentation; reviews for adequacy and accuracy. Conducts personal interviews with employees to determine initial entitlements, and to resolve routine problems that may arise. Coordinates with travel and disbursing personnel and employees' organization for such purposes as error resolution, coordination of regulatory changes, etc. Determines eligibility and computes allowances based on specific information available in each case and in compliance with Tariff Agreements and other regulations, guidelines and policy statements. Coordinates with specialists on precedent or exception to policy cases, as required, prepares requests to higher headquarters. Prepares travel orders. Advises serviced units on the LN Automated Time & Attendance program. Audits include a review of T&A documents for compliance with CTA II, applicable German labor laws and regulations; appropriate US law and regulations. Advises/assists employees in submitting claims for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Management Employee Relations (US): Assists specialists by resolving minor employee problems pertaining to employee conduct or dissatisfaction, poor work habits, tardiness and absences. As required, assist specialist with interviews to draw out and organize pertinent facts; considers alternate ways of solving the problem(s) or provides management with recommendation for disciplinary action(s) and refers the case to a specialist. Explains to management the sequence of actions required in connection with recurring disciplinary situations such as excessive absences; assists in the development of disciplinary action proposal notices. Advises on the need for compliance with laws/regulations addressing personnel administration issues such as leave administration, hours of work, pay, etc. Composes and prepares routine correspondence. Provides information on administrative grievance procedures/appeal procedures to employees.

Position Management/Structuring (US): Determines appropriate classification (pay schedule/pay plan, title, series, grade/band) of the position. Assists in the preparation of position descriptions. Reviews appropriate classification standards and guides, organization charts, mission and function statements, and other background data to ensure completeness and accuracy of assigned duties. Explains to employees/management position management policies and procedures and classification processes. Use appropriate documents for compliance with applicable laws and regulations; NSPS, OPM and other US regulations. Assists with coding the position data in DCPDS. Assists in the review of position action requests for accuracy and completeness prior to forwarding to Staffing for further processing. Maintains contact with staffing to enable timely status advisement to management/employees. Assists in the preparation of job descriptions including the use, forms, format, etc. required under the NSPS.

Human Resource Development (US/LN): Advises employees/management on basic program policies, regulatory requirements and procedures by responding to queries concerning training opportunities, availability and eligibility for civilians/military. Schedules training courses. Coordinates training schedule with instructors, assuring availability audiovisual support equipment. Provides training for new timekeepers and supervisors on Local National Time & Attendance procedures. Assists in conducting training surveys to include special training surveys. Receives and reviews incoming training requests for completeness of employee information and forwards to HRD Office of Regional Director for further processing. Assist with scheduling classroom spaces for courses; prepares classrooms for classes. As required, assist with determining equipment, manpower, facilities and other training needs for specific courses. Maintains suspense of training requests and performs follow-up. May prepares and presents classroom training. Advises employees and management on enhancing employee potential through training. Composes and prepares routine correspondence.
Erklärungen zu den hier aufgeführten E&T Levels (Education & Training Levels/Bildungsebenen) finden Sie unter dem Link “Description of the Education & Training Levels” am Ende dieses Abschnitts./
Explanations to the E&T Levels (Education and Training Levels) can be found at the below link “Description of the Education & Training Levels”.


E&T Level I: 2 years of creditable experience as defined in A below PLUS 1 year of experience as defined in B below.

Current employees who do not meet E&T Level I and who are not in the same or similar occupation must have 2 additional years of creditable experience as described in A below.

E&T Level II: 1 year of creditable experience as defined in A below PLUS 1 year of experience as defined in B below.

E&T Level III and above: No additional experience required.

Current employees who have served one year in the same or similar occupation are qualified for the next higher grade.


E&T Level I: 2 years of creditable experience as defined in A below PLUS 2 years of experience as defined in B below.

Current employees who do not meet E&T Level I and who are not in the same or similar occupation must have 2 additional years of creditable experience as described in A below.

E&T Level II: 1 years of creditable experience as defined in A below PLUS 2 years of experience as defined in B below.

E&T Level III: 1 year of experience as defined in B below.

E&T Level IV: No additional experience required.

Current employees who have served one year in the same or similar occupation are qualified for the next higher grade.

Experience A: Included clerical work in an office or store, working with computers, bookkeeping, making and recording inventories, telephone marketing, arranging for events or as a cashier, etc.

Experience B: Experience in the same or similar line of work as the job for which considered. The experience must demonstrate that the applicant possesses the particular knowledge, skills and abilities required in the position. The predominant experience must have been gained at a comparable level of difficulty to the position to be filled. The amount of the higher level experience must be in a reasonable relation to the required total number of years.

Office automation skills required.

Applicants must be in possession of a German driver’s license class B.


English and German Language Proficiency Level III required.
(Excellent = Level III, Good = Level II, Fair = Level I).
Civilian Personnel may administer an appropriate English test.

Language Proficiency Level Definitions
Description of the Education & Training Levels 
Placement Factor
Not applicable.

Conditions of
These are 4 permanent full-time positions (38.5 hrs./week).

Position may be filled at the C-5 or at the full performance level C-5A. Incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the next higher or full performance level in accordance with regulatory requirements, upon completion of required training, and recommendation of supervisor.

Telework: Employee may perform the work at a location away from the regular worksite (e.g. at home) on a non-routine, ad-hoc basis. This includes work performed to complete a short-term special assignment or to accommodate special circumstances.

Designated duty station is at present Kaiserslautern. The future incumbent may be reassigned to another duty station within the same works council agency and commuting area (within the meaning of the legal ordinance on moving expense in its current version) of his/her present duty station.


Police Good Conduct Certificate (Polizeiliches Fuehrungszeugnis). On initial appointment, or re-appointment after a break in service, candidates who have been selected for a position must present a police good-conduct certificate prior to appointment to the position. The applicant must obtain the certificate from the local resident registration office. The cost for the certificate is not reimbursable. Non-US citizen family members, except German citizens are exempt from this requirement.

Foreign National Screening (Sicherheitsueberpruefung): In accordance with USAREUR Regulation 604-1, within 3 days after appointment, a background check will be initiated to determine suitability for continued employment with the U. S. Forces in Germany. If results are unacceptable, employment will be terminated during the probationary period, or any time thereafter if the background checks reveal that the employee constitutes a security risk.

What we offer:
- An interesting job with a globally operating employer
- A generously designed collective tariff agreement for employees (CTA II) which guarantees the following conditions, among others:
- attractive remuneration package
- Christmas and holiday pay (together appr. a 13th monthly salary)
- employer-financed company pension scheme (Allianz Group Insurance)
- property accrual (VWL)
- 30 days of annual leave (for a five-day week), 6 additional days for severely handicapped employees
- additional days off on 24 Dec and 31 Dec
- In addition to the CTA II we offer:
- a generously designed award program for service time and outstanding performance
- free use of the U.S. Army fitness facilities (if available)
- time off on U.S. holidays by redistributing working time (if regulated by a shop agreement).
Knowledges, Skills,
& Abilities (KSAs)
Not applicable.



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