Job Announcement Information Details

Job Number 20APR0JD221B0X406429
PayPlan/Series  P-0081
Grade 01/03 
Salary  Euro Symbol 2796.31 /  Euro Symbol 3487.09 
Opening Date 08-May-2020 
Cutoff Date 21-May-2020 
Closing Date Until Filled 
Position Title Firefighter (Basic Life Support/Hazm.Operations)/Feuerwehrmann (Flugzeugr.), multiple permanent posn 
Organization US Army Installation Management CMD, USAG Wiesbaden, Directorate of Emergency Services, Fire Protection & Prevention Division, Fire Protection Branch 
Duty Station Wiesbaden 


Applications will still be accepted after the cut-off date as long as the announcement is published. / Bewerbungen werden nach dem "Cut-off" Datum noch angenommen, solange die Ausschreibung veröffentlicht ist.

Bitte lesen Sie “Wie bewerbe ich mich richtig”:
Please read “How do I apply” :Click Here

Wir akzeptieren nur Bewerbungen mit unserem hausinternen Bewerbungsformular, AE Form 690-70A, Dec 15. Bitte keine Anlagen beilegen, außer Nachweis bei Schwerbehinderung/Gleichstellung./
We only accept applications with our internal application form AE Form 690-70A, Dec 15.

Bewerbungsformular/Application Form:
Click Here

Wir akzeptieren keine Bewerbungen per Fax oder Email sondern nur per Post an die Postfachadresse in Kaiserslautern. Einschreiben oder andere spezielle Versandarten können den Eingang erheblich verzögern. Deshalb empfehlen wir den normalen Postweg./
We do not accept applications via fax or email, only via mail to our mailbox address. Registered mail or any other special mailing methods may delay receipt of your application. Therefore, we recommend using the general German mailing system.

Um Ihnen und uns Kosten zu sparen, übersenden Sie Ihren Bewerbungsbogen bitte ohne Ordner, Hefter oder Plastikhüllen. /
To avoid additional expenses please send your application without any document folders, sheet protectors etc.

Sollten Sie mehrere Bewerbungen gleichzeitig einreichen, können Sie gerne einen Umschlag benutzen. / Should you submit multiple applications at the same time, you can of course use one envelope.

Postanschrift/Mailing Address:

Civilian Human Resources Agency
Kleber Kaserne
LN Division, Wiesbaden Team
Postfach 15 40
67604 Kaiserslautern

Tel: DSN: 483-5755
Tel: CIV: 0631-411-5755

Schwerbehinderte oder ihnen Gleichgestellte werden bei gleicher Eignung für diese Planstelle bevorzugt berücksichtigt, wenn sie diesen Status im Bewerbungsbogen angeben. Sie haben ihren Status bei der Bewerbung nachzuweisen. /
In case of equal qualifications, a severely handicapped person or a person with equal status will receive priority consideration when identified on the application form. Such persons must provide proof of their status when applying.

Innerbetriebliche Arbeitnehmer (m/w/d), die derzeit in Teilzeit beschäftigt sind, sind gemäß Paragraph 9 TzBefrG bei der Besetzung eines entsprechenden freien Arbeitsplatzes mit einer höheren Wochenarbeitszeit, bei gleicher Eignung, bevorzugt zu berücksichtigen. (Bitte geben Sie deshalb unbedingt im Bewerbungsformular, Teil IV – Berufserfahrung, die Wochenarbeitsstunden Ihrer jetzigen Position an)./ Current Employees, who are working Part-Time will receive priority consideration in accordance with the German law on part-time- and temporary employment, Paragraph 9 for vacancies with a higher number of weekly work hours, when equally qualified (please indicate your current Part-Time hours worked clearly in the application form, Part IV, Professional Experience).

Area of

INNERBETRIEBLICHE Arbeitnehmer in Deutschland. Dies umfasst alle ortsansaessigen Beschaeftigten der US Streitkraefte, einschliesslich US Air Force und AAFES-Europe, innerhalb Deutschlands.
Current INTERNAL Local National Employees throughout Germany. This covers all current Local National employees of the U.S. Forces in Germany, including U.S. Air Force and AAFES-Europe within Germany.


AUSSERBETRIEBLICHE Bewerber, die in Deutschland wohnhaft sind. EXTERNAL Local National Applicants, who reside in Germany.


Duties Serves as a firefighter in a U.S. Army Garrison Fire Department. Is assigned to a fire fighting crew responsible to provide emergency response for multiple sites within/on the Army installation(s) involving diverse fire hazards including highly flammable liquids, high explosives, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), radioactive materials, and other non-standard hazards in facilities such as: maintenance facilities, communication sites, ammunition storage, vehicles, automatic data processing system buildings, major storage depots, places of assembly, schools, theaters, and family housing areas.

The firefighter is involved in the full spectrum of emergency response assigned to a garrison fire department. This includes, but is not limited to a wide variety of fire fighting, hazardous material response, and related aid and rescue work associated with facilities and operations at the garrison Work is complicated by the fact that U.S. Army fire departments frequently respond jointly with Host Nation Fire Departments, which are operating under different codes and guidelines, using different equipment. For combined responses, firefighter has to directly interact with host nation responders and must, in addition to the competencies described above, posses a thorough knowledge of host nation policies, protocols, procedures and equipment.

Performs crash/rescue and firefighting duties at airfields handling predominately medium and occasionally complex aircraft; e.g., attack and transport helicopters, cargo airplanes and small passenger planes. As a crew member, responds to alarms and fights fire requiring the full performance of firefighting and rescue tasks involving complex structures, and facilities, vehicles equipment; fuel, chemical, and brush fires vehicle and other technical accidents. Responds as a crew member to hazardous material incidents at operations level. Responds as a crew member to WMD incidents involving harmful application of CBRNE (Chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and explosive) agents at operations level. Individual tasks assigned and competencies required are those defined Standard for Professional Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials Incidents (current edition NFPA code 472), forthcoming DoD standards and Soldier Biological and Chemical Command (SBBCOM) defined competency levels for a first responder at operations level. The firefighter employs hazard and risk assessment techniques to complete initial incident analysis by surveying the incident to identify the materials involved, determines whether hazardous materials have been released, and evaluates the surrounding conditions.

The firefighter performs emergency medical procedures to HN equivalent standard for basic life support that are noninvasive. In performing these procedures, the employee performs initial and on-going focused patient assessment and physical examination; determines priority of patient care based on assessment findings; takes, records, and monitors patient's baseline vital signs including temperature, blood pressure, and pulse; manages respiratory and cardiac emergencies to include performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or automatic external defibrillation (AED); controls external bleeding with direct pressure and treats shock with pneumatic anti-shock garments; splints and immobilizes fractures and dislocations for transport; attempts to ascertain whether the patient has preexisting medical problems and to obtain a comprehensive drug history from the patient that includes the names, strength, and dosage of drugs taken by the patient; assists patients in taking emergency medications for certain complaints; establishes communication with the receiving facility, providing all patient information including estimated time of arrival; employs a variety of established emergency medical techniques, methods, and equipment to stabilize the patient for transport as soon as possible to the receiving facility; assists intermediate life support or paramedic staff; prepares appropriate and relevant patient care documentation and reports to ensure medical requirements are met and accurately reported; and uses and maintains care of emergency equipment such as backboards, suction devices, monitors, splints, oxygen delivery systems, and stretchers; properly disposes of biohazard materials; and replaces medical and expendable supplies.

Employee participates in training session in-house, at joint exercises or at outside service providers such as fire schools. Based on assignment of department training officer prepares and gives specific training sessions. Assignments of the training officer include subject, lesson objective and course materials.
Employee performs maintenance, operational, housekeeping, emergency, and standby duties to include support of fire prevention activities.
Operates alarm room equipment including radio and fire reporting systems and computer modem for hazardous material information. Receives and processes telephone and work order service calls; analyzes requests to determine emergency status; and prepares service order, assigns to shop as needed, and makes call-out for emergency work as required.

P-1: Minimum Basic Requirements: Applicants for this position must have E&T Level I (completed lower secondary school / Hauptschulabschluss) PLUS German certification as basic fire fighter (abgeschlossene Feuerwehrgrundausbildung, gemaess Feuerwehrdienstvorschrift 2 (FwDV2).

P-3: Minimum Basic Requirements: Applicants for this position must have E&T Level I (completed lower secondary school / Hauptschulabschluss), German certification as basic fire fighter (abgeschlossene Feuerwehrgrundausbildung, gemaess Feuerwehrdienstvorschrift 2 (FwDV2))

PLUS completed training in accordance with the guidelines of the US Forces Fire Prevention Program.

Host Nation SCBA certification (Ausbildung zum Atemschutzgeraetetraeger gem. FwDV 2) required.

- Incumbent must possess and maintain host nation equivalent National Emergency Medical Technician (NEMT) certification.
- Incumbent must be able to obtain and maintain a DoD certification as Firefighter I & II, Driver Operator Pumper, DOD HAZMAT operations, radio communicator training (Ausbildung zum Sprechfunker gem. FwDV2).
- Must be able to obtain valid host Nation certification to service and recharge fire extinguishers.
- Incumbent is responsible for the proper handling of specific hazardous wastes generated by the unit, activity or facility; operation of a hazardous waste generation point, and assisting in emergency action involving hazardous waste. Assigned work may include collecting, storing, moving, labeling (including dating), segregating, preparing turn-in documents on, and maintaining records on hazardous wastes. Incumbent is required to complete recurring renewal training.

- Employee is required to successfully complete additional classes, required by changed Host Nation or DoD regulations and laws to continue performing assigned tasks. This may also include certification classes to maintain and operate new acquired equipment.
- Employee may be subject to periodic (e.g. annual) medical examinations following appointment to determine fitness for continued performance of the duties of the position. Employee is required to participate in a physical fitness program as described by DOD standards.
- Heavy physical effort is required in the frequent handling of objects such as cylinders and extinguishers weighing 45 lbs or more. Employee may be required to lift/carry personnel in emergency situations.
- Duties require full use of both arms, both legs, and fingers to bend, turn, pull, crawl, kneel, and climb for such tasks as use of aerial ladders, firefighting equipment controls, arranging/connecting hoses, rappelling, operation of fire truck and all types of rescue operations, etc.
- During rescue operations, incumbent may come into contact with human blood or other potential infectious materials which may result in possible exposure to blood borne pathogens.
- Employee must remain clean-shaven to insure integrity of mask fit for breathing apparatus.
- The position requires successful completion of a pre-employment medical examination (G-26), and periodic examinations thereafter. The employing organization together with medical authorities will determine the type(s) of examination(s) required, giving due consideration to examination requirements stipulated in German labor law.

Englischlevel II / Deutschlevel III erforderlich.
(Ausgezeichnet = Level III, Gut = Level II, Zufriedenstellend = Level I)

English Language Proficiency Level II / German Language Proficiency Level III required.
(Excellent = Level III, Good = Level II, Fair = Level I).

Führerschein Klasse C und CE wünschenswert. Bewerber, die keinen C und CE Führerschein besitzen, müssen diesen innerhalb des ersten Jahres auf eigene Kosten erwerben, andernfalls wird das Arbeitsverhältnis beendet.

Possession of driver's license class C and CE desired. Applicants who do not possess driver's license C and CE are required to obtain it at own costs within the first year, otherwise employment will be terminated.

Language Proficiency Level Definitions
Description of the Education & Training Levels 
Placement Factor
Nicht zutreffend. / Not applicable.

Conditions of
Es handelt sich um mehrere unbefristete Vollzeitstellen (256 Std./Monat). / These are multiple permanent full-time positions (256 hrs./month).

Arbeit an Feiertagen und Wochenenden sowie 24-Stunden Schichtarbeit erforderlich. / Work on holidays and weekends as well as 24-hours shift work required.

Rufbereitschaft erforderlich. / On-call duty required.

Schweres Heben bis zu 45 kg erforderlich. / Heavy lifting up to 100 lbs. required.

Gelegentliche Dienstreisen erforderlich. / Occasionally temporary Duty Travel (TDY) required.

Die Position erfordert eine nachgewiesene medizinische Voruntersuchung G26.3, G25 / G41 / G37 / G20. / The position requires successful completion of a pre-employment medical examination G26.3, G25 / G41 / G37 / G20.

Als Beschäftigungsort (Dienstort) ist derzeit Wiesbaden vorgesehen. Der zukünftige Stelleninhaber kann in seiner Dienststelle auch an einen anderen Dienstort innerhalb des Einzugsgebiets (i.S.d. Umzugskostenrechts in der jeweils gültigen Fassung) seines bisherigen Dienstortes umgesetzt werden.

Designated duty station is at present Wiesbaden. The future incumbent may be reassigned to another duty station within the same works council agency and commuting area (within the meaning of the legal ordinance on moving expense in its current version) of his/her present duty station.


Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis: Bei der ersten Einstellung, oder Wiedereinstellung nach einer Unterbrechung der Dienstzeit, müssen die für eine Position ausgewählten Kandidaten vor der eigentlichen Einstellung ein polizeiliches Führungszeugnis einreichen. Das Führungszeugnis muss vom Bewerber bei der zuständigen deutschen Behörde angefordert werden. Die dadurch entstehenden Kosten können nicht zurückerstattet werden. Nichtamerikanische Familienmitglieder außer deutschen Staatsangehörigen sind von dieser Regelung ausgenommen.

Police Good Conduct Certificate (Polizeiliches Fuehrungszeugnis). On initial appointment, or re-appointment after a break in service, candidates who have been selected for a position must present a police good-conduct certificate prior to appointment to the position. The applicant must obtain the certificate from the local resident registration office. The cost for the certificate is not reimbursable. Non-US citizen family members, except German citizens are exempt from this requirement.

ACHTUNG: Um nach einer Einstellung bei den Streitkräften eine Zugangsberechtigung für Computersystemen zu bekommen, müssen mindestens zwei gültige Identifikationsdokumente mit Lichtbild vorgelegt werden. Anerkannt werden nur: Personalausweis, Reisepass und der EU Führerschein (Plastikkarte). Wir empfehlen dringend, zum Zeitpunkt der Bewerbung, sicherzustellen, dass Sie zwei dieser Dokumente bereits haben, oder entsprechend beantragen.
ATTENTION: Upon appointment with the US Forces it is required to present two valid Picture IDs to get access to the Computer Systems. Recognized documents are only: „Personalausweis“ (Personal ID), „Reisepass“ (Personal Travel ID) and the EU Driver’s License (plastic card format). We recommend to assure at the time of application that at least two of these documents are available or requested.

Sicherheitsüberprüfung: Laut USAREUR Dienstvorschrift 604-1 wird innerhalb von drei Tagen nach der Einstellung eine Hintergrunduntersuchung eingeleitet, um die Eignung für eine Weiterbeschäftigung bei den US Streitkräften in Deutschland festzustellen. Wenn das Ergebnis nicht zufriedenstellend ist, wird das Beschäftigungsverhältnis während der Probezeit gekündigt; es kann auch zu jedem anderen Zeitpunkt danach gekündigt werden, wenn die Hintergrunduntersuchung ergibt, dass der Beschäftigte ein Sicherheitsrisiko darstellt.

Foreign National Screening (Sicherheitsueberpruefung): In accordance with USAREUR Regulation 604-1, within 3 days after appointment, a background check will be initiated to determine suitability for continued employment with the U. S. Forces in Germany. If results are unacceptable, employment will be terminated during the probationary period, or any time thereafter, if the background checks reveal that the employee constitutes a security risk.

Wir bieten Ihnen:
- eine interessante Tätigkeit bei einem weltweit agierenden Arbeitgeber
- ein für Arbeitnehmer großzügig ausgestalteter Tarifvertrag (TV AL II für Arbeitnehmer der Stationierungsstreitkräfte) der u.a. folgenden Leistungen garantiert:
- attraktives Vergütungspaket
- Weihnachts- und Urlaubsgeld (zusammen entsprechend ca. in Höhe eines 13. Monatsgehalts)
- Arbeitgeberfinanzierte betriebliche Altersversorgung (Allianz Gruppenversicherung)
- Vermögenswirksame Leistungen (VWL)
- 30 Urlaubstage (bei einer Fünftagewoche), 6 zusätzliche Urlaubstage für schwerbehinderte Arbeitnehmer.
- darüber hinaus bieten wir übertariflich u.a.:
- Großzügig ausgestaltetes Auszeichnungsprogramm für lange Dienstzeiten und überragende Leistungen
- Kostenlose Nutzung der Fitnesseinrichtungen der U.S. Armee (sofern vorhanden)

What we offer:
- An interesting job with a globally operating employer
- A generously designed collective tariff agreement for employees (CTA II) which guarantees the following conditions, among others:
- attractive remuneration package
- Christmas and holiday pay (together appr. a 13th monthly salary)
- employer-financed company pension scheme (Allianz Group Insurance)
- property accrual (VWL)
- 30 days of annual leave (for a five-day week), 6 additional days for severely handicapped employees
- In addition to the CTA II we offer:
- a generously designed award program for service time and outstanding performance
- free use of the U.S. Army fitness facilities (if available)

Knowledges, Skills,
& Abilities (KSAs)
Nicht zutreffend. / Not applicable.



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